Sleep Soundly This Winter

We don’t know what it is exactly about this time of year, but even though the sun sets earlier and rises later, we always have a tough time sleeping as soon as winter rolls around. Maybe it’s the stress of the holidays or the lights and technology that we constantly have on to contrast the darkness outside. Whatever it is, we’ve chosen a few reasons why your sleep might be suffering and shared what you can do about them this winter:

You’re using your phone as your alarm: there are a few reasons why we all need to stop doing this. One, because having it close by or in your bed means that nasty blue light will disrupt what would otherwise be a full night’s sleep. Two, if you do end up stirring for a few minutes in the middle of the night, having that phone close will tempt you to check up on the lately news at 3:00am or see how many likes your mug of spiced wine from Christkindlmarket got last night. Not only are you dealing with that blue light again, but you’re likely to get stimulated by what you read and have to get back to bed all over again. So go old school, pick up a retro alarm clock, and get that phone out of the bedroom!

You’re boozing at night: while it’s tempting to have a nightcap to send you into dreamland, sipping on alcohol before bed can mess with your sleep cycles and keep you from ever fully enjoying those REM cycles. Try brewing a cup of caffeine-free tea before bed instead. We know that this time of year brings a sea of endless holiday parties, but if you are having trouble hitting the hay, keep this in mind as your night winds down.

You’re feeling the effects of dry air: winter weather can be lovely to look at, but it’s not the best to experience for months on end. From dry skin to chapped lips and irritated sinuses, winter weather isn’t doing us any favors. Stay hydrated all day long, and if that isn’t enough, consider an air humidifier while you sleep: they can reduce or even eliminate the amount that you wake up throughout the night.

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