Why We Love Maison Marcel

Why We Love Maison Marcel


We couldn’t have anticipated just how lovely the interior of Maison Marcel would be. The exterior simply painted white, with accents of blue led us to believe that we would find a similar look inside. We assumed it would be modern and somewhat cold. We were wrong. Maison Marcel is anything but cold.

There is lovely wooden accents and texture as far as the eye can see. It has a European bohemian feel to it.  Natural ropes hang from the ceilings as well as large plants, and a majority of the chairs match without really matching at all. They have everything from banquet and bistro seating to large farmhouse tables. There is also a large play on pastels. Soft sea-foam green highlights the counter, soft pink pillows accent the banquets while hints of mauve are strewn throughout the room. As you walk in, you can’t help but gasp and state “this is beautiful.” But let’s not forget what drove us here in the first place. Croissants.


Our Dream Come True:

Ok, ok, we know that donuts are the new “it” pastry but in our opinion, nothing compares to the light, flaky, buttery goodness of a fresh croissant.  The idea of a true and blue French bakery coming to the neighborhood thrilled us. Long have we dreamed of picking up fresh baguettes and tarts on a Sunday morning, or nibbling on a chocolate croissant while sipping a cappuccino. It was love at first bite. It was explained that the pastry chef had just moved to Chicago from France and that we would find our treats to be truly authentic, and that we did. If nothing else visit for the pastries.


Surprise Surprise:

What we didn’t expect was the large menu variety. Maison Marcel features actual sustenance and not just sweets and treats. They offer salads, sandwiches, and grilled options, making it an excellent lunch spot. We tasted our way through several these dishes, all of which left us satisfied. However, there’s a chance that our next visit may include a table full of pastries and the banana pancakes the young lady sitting next to us was enjoying.

Are We on Vacation?

When did you last vacation? What if we told you that there’s lovely spot located in Lakeview where you’d instantly feel rested, relaxed and free from the day to day grind? The place is Maison Marcel. Here’s a lineup of the people we saw enjoying Maison Marcel. Coffee sippers, remote employees, couples, brunching mums with their lite ones, freelancers, students and newspaper readers. That’s right, almost any kind of person doing any kind of thing.

This place feels like home. There’s an unspoken comfort in the air.  Maybe it’s the décor or the smell of fresh bread baking, maybe it’s the manager who greets you in such a way that you’re sure you’ve known him for years (of course you have not, but he is just that darn convincing), whatever it is, its special.  An oasis in an urban desert. There’s no doubt that we will be stopping in again soon.

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