April in Chicago

April in Chicago

No April Fools here — somehow it’s already the fourth month of the year and we’re guessing you can still taste the champagne from New Year’s Eve.

While February gave us a few summerlike anomalies, a March chill was back in full force to prove yet again that Chicago weather can’t be trusted.

Now, April is here. And just like that, the social scene in Chicago is rearing its head, teasing us with a taste of what’s to come this summer. But don’t you worry — we know you’re busy. So we’ve done the work for you.

Here are the top activities to do in Chicago this April:

Shamrock Shuffle

Yes, exercise. It’s time to shake out those legs and get some air in those lungs. This 8K is known around the block as the unofficial start to running season in Chicago. So treat it like Opening Day and just. get. there. Because believe it or not, you probably already know at least two other people already running. And they probably live next door to you. Join Team Reside.

Adult Easter Egg Hunt

Longman and Eagle combines two of our fondest memories: childhood Easter egg hunts and sipping on whiskey sours on a Sunday afternoon. What’s wrong with that? Absolutely nothing.

Wing Fest

Ignore the fact that this festival is happening on Clark Street in the capital of Recent Graduates, USA. We’re talking wings, whiskey, and beer, and you never outgrow that.

Randolph Street Market

The Chicago favorite is back. Well, it never really left, but we weren’t thinking about markets in January. From olive oil to antiques and global goods you didn’t even know you needed, you never know what you’ll stumble upon at this West Loop urban market.

Chicago Tequila and Sangria Festival

Need somewhere to shed those pre-Chainsmokers jitters? (Yeah, that event is high on our list too). Head to Joe’s Bar for multiple different sangria and tequila offerings, along with afternoon entertainment. It’s just what you need to salsa your way into Monday. No Sunday Scaries here.


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