We Are Andersonville

We Are Andersonville


Tucked on Chicago’s North Side between North Center and Lakeview, the sleepy little pocket that is Andersonville is an assortment of laid-back bars, spiffy brunch restaurants and comfortable cafes that rev up during the warm-weather months. If you love thrift stores and antiques you’ll swoon over the independently-owned business that line the streets.  Whether you’re looking for a fun and funky place to live or just need a respite from city living Andersonville is sure to deliver. (Live with Reside: 5425 N. Clark St.)


Reside Living Standout Spots:

Poshwire Chicago- The shop declares itself “a unique retail, gallery, performance and teaching space.”  There are over 100 artist on display in the store which makes for an interactive and educational experience.  Overall there was a laid back feeling as consumers meandered about looking and studying the space and products. (5224 N Clark. Chicago, IL 60640) http://www.customartchicago.com/


Coffee and Markets- In Andersonville you’re sure to find what many consider to be “modern day general stores”.  From arts to local goods and apothecary cures, you will find someone selling authentic goods.  The Coffee Studio follows the newest trend of sipping your java in large open communal spaces where many come to congregate socially or in a working capacity. Their brews are simple, handcrafted and yes local.  With historical Persian roots there are still a number of mom and pop ethnic grocers sprinkled on Clark and in the direct area. (5628 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60640) http://www.thecoffeestudio.com/


Gethsemane Garden Center- Gethsemane Garden Center has served the neighborhood for almost 40 years and is family owned and operated. Not only do they buy locally but they support local farms and greenhouses.  The center acts a city refuse, it’s calm, quiet and serene. Overall   the neighborhood of Andersonville/ Edgewater lends to the feeling of being transported out of Chicago and to a small charming town. (5739 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60660) http://www.gethsemanegardens.com/


Martha Mae’s Art & Supply- If you are familiar with the work of director Wes Anderson then Martha Mae’s Art & Supply store will instantly transport into his world.  Unique does not even begin to describe the shop owner at Martha Mae. Her goods range from eccentric and simple to high end. (5407 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60640) http://marthamae.info/


In terms of traditional antique/thrift stores, the area is brimming with over 20 options.  Many showcase hand made goods such as candles, body care and clothing. Check us out on Instagram where we will release some of our favorite images from our adventures in Andersonville.




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    I wish this day wa&s;#39nt happening for you Lori. Be brave and strong for your beautiful children and your beautiful Man and your beautiful self, and if you start to waiver, look around you and draw strength from those with you and those who can't be. Because we all are. With you.

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