Elate Yoga Brings Personalized Instruction To You

Elate Yoga Brings Personalized Instruction To You

Elate Yoga takes personalized instruction to corporate and residential settings across Chicago, including several Reside communities.

In fact, Elate began working with us a little over a year ago, and now offers classes at four buildings: The BelmontReside on Barry, Reside on Clarendon, and Reside on Morse.

Buildings with great amenities often offer residents access to fitness rooms, weights and pools, but lack structured exercise programs and few, if any, offer yoga classes, says Elate Owner Jennifer Mahoney.

Founded in 2011, her company fills that void, offering full-amenity (mat, strap, and block) yoga on site.

“And you can’t beat the location when you don’t even need to leave the building for class,” she adds.

Elate also offers yoga classes in corporate settings— something Jennifer decided to do after reading that many companies had tried and failed to impact employee wellness by offering activities in the workplace.

“If you need a low impact way for employees to improve overall mental and physical health, yoga is a great fit,” she says.

Jennifer would know; she’s practiced yoga for more than 10 years.

“I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at a very young age and as I got older, I realized that stress triggered my symptoms,” she says. “Yoga helped keep me centered, and the more I practiced, the more I enjoyed it. I also do a lot of running, but yoga always has a central place on my schedule.”

Five years ago Jennifer began teaching yoga, hoping that would provide an academic way to deepen her understanding of it and improve her own practice.

“Once I got into it, I saw the immediate effect it has on students’ lives and I wanted to build on that,” she says.

The benefits associated with yoga include lower stress levels, improved flexibility, and strengthened and defined muscles.

Not sure yoga is for you? Take an Elate class and see for yourself— you don’t need to buy or bring a thing!

“Yoga is something that can easily be tailored to your own speed and needs, so you shouldn’t worry about where you start but where you’re going,” Jennifer says. “That’s why we call it a yoga practice. It’s also offered in a very empowering and non-competitive environment, which is especially comforting when trying something for the first time.”

In addition to on-site yoga instruction, Elate Yoga offers classes at its Lincoln Park studio located at 912 W. Armitage Ave. To learn more, visit elateyoga.com

Residents interested in taking Elate’s on-site classes should contact Reside Athletics Director Alissa Wagener via email at resideathletics@resideliving.com. 

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