Our Favorite Podcasts

If you haven’t gotten into podcasts yet, what are you waiting for? Whether it’s on the train to work or walking on the treadmill, podcasts can be fun, educational, ways to keep up with the news, pop culture, get inspired, or even hear a good ghost story. Here are a few of our favorites, as well as some new ones to check out in 2018!

Oldie but a Goodie – Radiolab: WNYC has so many great podcasts we could dedicate a whole blog post to just them, but Radiolab is by far one our favorites. It’s been around since 2001, but its hosts Jad Ambumrad and Robert Krulwich still find a way to make every new story fascinating. These mini documentaries for the ears range in topics from the scientific to the whimsically absurd, giving you plenty to ponder or add to your dinner conversation.

Keeping it Real – what the eff: Explore the trials and errors of starting a new business from the ground up in real time with Cove creators Taylor Morgan and Sydney Liann. This podcast is for anyone looking for inspiration and lessons on how to trust your instincts. Each week they discuss their “what the eff” moments that brought them closer to their goals. Laugh and cry along as they share what it’s like to tackle your biggest fears and greatest dreams, which can sometimes be the same thing.

Very Superstitious – Lore: We love a good ghost story any time of the year. This spooky podcast, and now show on Amazon Prime, keeps us coming back for more. Aaron Mahnke takes you on a mysterious ride that uncovers the dark, and usually tragic, history behind some of our scariest superstitions and ghoulish tales. This might be one that is best for a crowded commute or a sunny well-lit room, but if you love all things scary, then turn out the lights and get to listening.

Just for fun – Will & Grace & Vodka: This Chicago-based podcast features besties David Wesley Mitchell and Carolyn Johnson chatting about old episodes of Will & Grace over delicious vodka cocktails. They re-watch each episode and hilariously discuss the impact it had on them when it first aired, fun trivia, and what does and does not still hold up about the episode today. It’s perfect for pop culture junkies and of course, anyone watching the Will & Grace reboot!

You can download all of these on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. There are so many great podcasts out there with new ones starting everyday. Let us know what your favorite podcasts are!

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